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2007 World Cruise – Part 5

Queen Elizabeth 2 World Cruise 2007

Yokohama, Japan – Durban, South Africa

 Tuesday, 6 March – Yokohama, Japan – 35˚ 27.1′ N x 139˚ 32.9′ E

The ship rolled a lot last night and a little past one o’clock, during a most pronounced sideways lurch, the water tray slid off the bureau and a glass shattered.  I cleaned it up then, and couldn’t get back to sleep for a long time.  At least I awoke in time to grab a muffin and report to the Theatre by seven-fifteen and was on my way well before eight.  Our bus took us across numerous bridges, along freeways to three major stops.  Maji Temple Shinto Shrine, Edo Castle and most wonderful Japanese lunch prepared at our table, then the Akasuka Temple and shopping stalls.  We were back by three-thirty, and fairly promptly the ship was pulled away from the dock, turned around and headed out of the harbor under the beautiful new suspension bridge.  I fell asleep.

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2007 World Cruise – Part 4

Queen Elizabeth 2 World Cruise 2007 

Hobart, Tasmania to Japan

 Saturday, 17 February – Hobart, Tasmania

We moved up the Bay to Hobart and docked at the container port area just as dawn arose.  The Australian immigration inspection took a long time, so instead of standing in the endless line, I went to breakfast and sat with Archie, David and wife Myrtle, and when they left, Marilyn and Paula joined me at the window table.

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2007 World Cruise – Part 3

Queen Elizabeth 2 25th World Cruise – Part 3

2007 World Cruise – Hawaii to Tasmania.  

Tuesday, 30 January.

I ate breakfast with Marge and others on portside of the Mauretania Restaurant, then headed directly up to Boat Deck, having already determined that finally the weather and wind would be conducive to a nice long stay in a deck chair.  I found a shady spot midships behind a davit on starboard side and stayed there reading Blue Latitudes till the noon whistle and report.  N09˚12.8′ x W124˚44.3′  Speed: 29 knots – short swells and light seas.  Temp: 79˚ F   Wind: Force 4 from the East.

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2007 World Cruise – Part 2

Part 2 – World Cruise – Queen Elizabeth 2 – 2007

Monday, 22 January – San Pedro, California.

The ship was docked near five o’clock, and I was awake to watch the process on my television.  I proceeded to dress and read a bit.   Little after six o’clock I joined the long queue for immigration in the Queens Room, then headed up to Mauretania where I sat by the window for breakfast with Jenny.  I vacated my now bare cabin to join the Lees on Boat Deck for their phone call on my mobile.  I had previously called Cherie and she confirmed Chris and Ben would be coming to visit.

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2007 World Cruise – Part 1



JANUARY 8 – APRIL 27, 2007

CABIN 5145

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QE2-QM2 WC 2005 – Part 6

Shift from Queen Elizabeth 2 to Queen Mary 2 for Trans-Atlantic Crossing.   WC Part 6 – 2005

Queen Mary 2 – Southampton, England

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QE2 2005 WC – Dubai-Southampton, Part 5

QE2 2005 World Cruise Part 5

Saturday, 26 March – Dubai – for real!

We were able to enter the narrow harbor channel with jetties on both sides, turn 180˚ and settle by the “ship-shaped” Passenger Terminal.

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QE2 WC 2005 – Hong Kong-Dubai, Part 4

Queen Elizabeth 2 World Cruise 2005

Hong Kong to Dubai

Monday, 7 March – Hong Kong

With the whole day in port, I ventured away twice, walking along Salisbury and Nathan Roads doing my errands.  I called Wendy, Geoff and Stephen, and then bought camera stuff, Chinese brocades and post cards, avoiding the insistent tailor promoters.  The weather has been great!  About 700 people left and an equal number have embarked. 

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QE2 WC-2005-Sydney – Hong Kong, Part 3

QE2 World Cruise – 2005 – Part 3

 Tuesday, 8 February – Sydney, Australia – S33˚ 51.1′ x E151˚ 12.6′

I was up and out by four o’clock to see us enter by the Heads.  It was dark for the whole process.  I stood on Observation Deck as we gradually entered the channel with harbor beacons pointing the way and channel markers blinking their red on port and green to starboard, just the opposite from home.

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QE2 WC 2005- LA – Sydney, Part 2

QE2 World Cruise 2005,  LA – Sydney,  Part 2

 Monday, 17 January – San Pedro, California. N33˚44.7′ x W118˚15.5′

I am so glad I was awake at five thirty,  because although I wasn’t on deck to witness it, Captain McNaught made QE2 do the 180˚ turn around between the two major docks, with little space to spare on each end!  He pointed the bow into the right angle dock space, then main channel, which appears to be about a thousand feet wide.  Do the math, 963 feet turning around.  Wow! Again!  This is what Warwick did in fog two years ago!  “Monarch of the Seas” came in after we did.

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